6 Years after taking on the Warehousing function at a leading paper sheeting plant in Suffolk. Bartrums have commissioned new handling equipment.

The factory operates 24hrs a day converting the raw materials in to finished goods. The raw material is produced in Europe and is shipped into Tilbury in the form of 3-5 tonne reels, before being transported by road on a Bartrums lorry in to the factory in Suffolk. The reels are then unloaded by Bartrums staff using the Kalmar DCG50-90. The reels are the cut into sheets to be used by the printing industry.

The finished goods are then ready for distribution and are delivered on a Bartrums Vehicle to the doorstep of customers throughout the UK.

Two new Kalmar DCG50-90 arrived from Poland this week and will be commissioned into service replacing the old clamp trucks that have been in service for 6 years without any major problems, a big ask for a truck doing such heavy work day in and day out.

Bartrums welcome the arrival of these excellent machines.