With just a hint of nostalgia, the relationship between The Bartrum Group and Lawrence David continues into the present and beyond.

Bartrums’ trailer of choice built and supplied by Lawrence David to their exacting standards has seen the most recent batch of 20 assets supplied for both replacement & growth.

Lawrence David has provided Bartrums with their renowned pillarless curtain-sider that will this time be furnished with some distinctive branding.

Built to a premium component specification, the Lawrence David pillarless curtain-siders feature a number of LD key differentiating features as standard, bolstered further with operationally beneficial specification such as document tubes, additional storage compartment under the rear flush doors & toolboxes. Not only do the flush rear doors offer functionality and aesthetics by design, these also showcase both the updated ‘standard’ livery where the nostalgia can be seen with the strapline “A family owned company founded by Leonard Bartrum in 1929” for a ‘nod’ to Bartrums proud heritage.

You may also be excused if you were to feel a little ‘bewitched’. Alongside the trailers carrying the proud family heritage message, within the batch can also be found a MAG1C trailer displaying the magical livery that references days past. The previous use of the witch livery heralds back to the 1980’s

Over the past 40+ years, Bartrums and Lawrence David have enjoyed a relationship that has spanned over multiple generations of the family – who have worked with many levels of Lawrence David personnel to continue their long-lasting partnership.

Robert Bartrum, Managing Director of Bartrums BRS business unit adds; “The Bartrum Group has purchased curtain-side trailers and rigid truck bodies from Lawrence David for over 40 years.” Confirming further; “They are our first-choice provider due to their in depth knowledge and the great bespoke products they produce that perfectly fit our business needs.”

Chris Ward, UK Sales Manager at Lawrence David says; “Having worked with Bartrums closely during my 11-year tenure with Lawrence David, Bartrums continues to be a true ‘loyal’ customer. Within my time and prior, the 40 plus year partnership has brought a high level of collaboration to the development of our products to suit their needs perfectly.” And concludes; “It is a pleasure working with everyone involved at Bartrums and we look forward to many more years of partnership to come.”

All parties plan to continue a ‘magical’ future together…

Witch livery 1980’s                                            Witch livery 2022

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