Bartrum Group takes delivery of six new LSTs from SDC


Earlier in the year we had six of these new double deck LST’s arrive from SDC to our Suffolk-based company. The Bartrum Group has invested in a fleet of six new 15.65m longer-length semi-trailers (LSTs) from SDC. The family-owned freight operator provides non-hazardous and hazardous distribution services through the UK, as well as warehousing and a range of classroom-based training courses including funded driver training courses.

At a total cost of £250,000.00 the new longer curtainsiders were designed to greatly reduce the company’s emissions and are fitted with a second deck to provide increased capacity and more efficient operations for the group’s Pallet Track services by reducing the amount of trailers we run to the Pallet Track hubs each evening.

to see the full article on this new investment by The Bartrums Group see the article by  Carol Millet, July 26, 2022 here.


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