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The Driver CPC training legislation was introduced on the 10th September 2009 and affected all LGV drivers, both new and existing and across 27 EC member states. Every driver will have to undertake 35 hours of ‘Periodic Training’ (broken down into 5 x 7 hour modules) within five years, to ensure that their Driver CPC is kept up to date.

Any driver who drives a vehicle over 3.5 Tonnes must hold a valid driver CPC card or they will not be permitted to drive within the EU.

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ADR Dangerous Goods Training Course Overview.

A driver transporting dangerous goods by road in most tankers, large tank containers, in bulk or in packages over a given amount, can only do so if in possession of an ADR Driver Training Qualification.

The qualification, in the form of an ADR Driver Training Certificate can be obtained for either ‘Packaged Goods’ or for ‘Tanks’, or both, following successful completion of an approved ADR Dangerous Goods training course.

The ADR driving licence is valid for 5 years, drivers must complete an ADR refresher training course prior to the expiry (within last 12 months and 6 weeks before expiry) in order to update the ADR driving licence.

To gain the Driver Training Certificate, candidates must pass multiple choice examinations in a minimum of three modules; ie. the core module – either packaged goods or tank module – and at least one of the nine hazard classes


ADR Course Outline

The ADR course will cover the Core elements needed as a starting point for all those involved in the carriage of hazardous goods.  This will cover topics such as UN Classes, Environmental Protection, Vehicle Equipment, and Personal Protective Equipment.

Packages is the next area to be covered, this session will cover the regulations regarding the design, construction and use of packages used to transport hazardous goods.  This can range from cardboard boxes to Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s).

The course will then move into the individual classes (this is dependent on how many you have selected to attend).

The full course will cover:

  • Class 2: Gases
  • Class 3: Flammable liquids
  • Class 4: Flammable solids
  • Class 5: Oxidising Agents & Organic Peroxides
  • Class 6: Toxics
  • Class 8: Corrosives
  • Class 9: Miscellaneous

If you have selected to attend the Tanks module this will be covered in the final days of the course, it will give you the necessary knowledge required to allow you to transport hazardous products held in tanks.

There are many different variations of timetables and we can cater for your every need & demand. This will cover core packages and tanks , all classes (excluding 1 explosive and 7 radioactive).


How to book

To book a Driver CPC training course book online, call us on 01379 871 827 or email us at


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